• The enforcement division has a membership of 21 individuals.
  • There are 12 Enforcement Staff
  • Clerical Administration Assistant (VACANT) (No Replacement)
  • There are 6 General Workers (dispensing enforcement duties)
  • There are 4 assisting in enforcement duties
  • There are 2 assisting in office works


1.         Razali bin Ibrahim
2.         Mohd Fadhil bin Aziz


To fit the objectives with the functions of the Marang District Council as a whole, the Enforcement Division established several functions to be undertaken.


  1. To enforce the Laws under the Marang District Council By-Laws on all offenses.
  2. To ensure enforcement officers are versed in the Laws pertaining to their duties.
  3. To monitor and ensure that all Council property are in good and safe conditions.
  4. To bring awareness to the Marang community in becoming more responsible and posses civic awareness on the quality of life and environment.
  5. To transform Marang Town into a clean, beautiful and organised town by Law Enforcement.